Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where the heck are my dishes?

I'm so *over* the whole moving thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love the new pad. It's so nice to wake up and make coffee in a kitchen that has sun shining in through a window over the sink. It's worth all the tea in china to sit on my porch and not have to listen to the little bell of the street vendors peddling tamales and home made sno-cones. It makes me so happy to hear birds singing instead of spanish speaking mariachi band dudes early on Sunday mornings.

But moving sucks. The actual act of putting everything you own into boxes and then taking it all back out and cleaning it. THAT part. It SERIOUSLY Sucks. I keep expecting to wake up and find that Hector unpacked every single box and found a new homee for everything we own while I was asleep.

Is that too much to ask?

Aparantly it is. Sheesh.

So here it is, in all it's plain white glory. Aren't the high ceilings awesome? I'm gonna need some ideas on how to fill the walls here, I've never worked with a slanted ceiling before. Do you think the one picture I have will be enough, or might I need one more?
If you stand between the couch and the coffee table and look toward the dining room, this is what you see. Isn't that rug totally cute? I got it at Target and it's this totally great seafoam green and teal...but finding matching accents has proven to be quite the (excuse the expression) bitch.

So then looking right, there's the kitchen with the aforementioned sun-filled window and the most wonderful appliance ever...the DISHWASHER. I want to wash stuff in there all day long. did you know you can wash those plastic drawer units from Walmart in there? And bathroom knick-knacks, too!

As much as you were expecting the next picture to be of the bedroom or possibly the bathroom, I couldn't help sneaking in this picture of my so super-stinking adorable nephew, CJ and all his hair.

Looking back at the living room from the kitchen...there's a little patio outside with my mom's park bench under the window, and a phony ficus tree next to it that I got from my scrappy friends at my drunken bridal shower bash. It's actually a nice place to sit and sip coffee in the morning.

If you come to visit, this is where you'll powder your nose...and if you want to take a bath, you can do that too, but you'll have to bring your own shower curtain and not mind washing your hair with palmolive dish soap.

Here's a peek into my bedroom...I didn't go all the way in because Hector's been working nights and sleeping in pretty late. I don't think he'd be understanding of my amateur journalistic compulsions. You can see a peek of the other bathroom, too...and this shower has a glass door and Garnier Fructis.

Lastly, the scrap room. You think I'd be most excited about unpacking this room, and getting my new workspace all organized and streamlined...but actually, it's not really goin that way. I was off to a great start, and totally focused and intent on getting this room done first.

But OMG, seeing it like this is just got completely overwhelming and intimidating. I have some major purging to do, and it's gonna take some now that the basic essentials are out and I have the bare minimums available to put together my projects, the rest is just kinda...on the back burner.

So that's the new pad, what do ya think? Let me know if you have any unpacking advise or decorating ideas. I'm off to find those bowls and plates...I'm so *over* eating breakfast cereal out of a coffee cup.



BEAUTIFUL new home!i love it too cosy and the ceiling i know what you mean about packing and unpacking and washing and finding a place for everything!everything look great!how about putting some of your lo on the wall?


i think its beautimus!!! Can't wait to see it irl


Your place looks GREAT!!!! :) we have walls like that in our house! I have only one of mine used, and that doesnt even count since most of it is a china hutch! With 2 photo frames on either side, but I have vision for the living room one, 4 BIG square photos together all done by us! Now to get up the nerve to paint! LOL!
have a GREAT day!!


Looks good!! You should frame some of your LO's. That would look on the walls. Since you have such tall ceilings and lots of sun pouring in you'll be able to paint with darker colors and create a nice warm and cozy feel.

Amy Birch

It's gorgeous, Nicole!!! Looks so inviting!!!


Great apartment, Nicole! I love how you snuck in the super cute baby photo!!!


love it!! It looks so bright & airy! I know moving is a major pain in the you know what- but won't it be worth it once you have everything unpacked and settled??? Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! :)