Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life is Good

Last night our nation witnessed history in the making! I have never been more proud to be an American, and the euphoria has me floating still well into the day! I am so excited to see where Obama leads our Nation in the coming term, and feel so fortunate to participate in the changes that will shape our country's future.

That being said, I will quietly sneak down from my soapbox.

Life is good for other reasons, too! Look at my healthy, happy baby girl:

I do realize the photo quality is horrible, but I took the picture with my phone on a whim. She's been home for a month and clean and sober for the first time in quite a few years. I am so proud of her courage, strength and determination to do things differently. I continue to pray everyday for her, because I know this is just the very, very beginning of a very, very long journey, but each day has been a blessing and it's been nice getting to know her again. She's funny, adorable, and I missed her more than my heart would allow me to know.

Plus, the SD4U November kit has been a blast to work with! Bold and bright, it's right up my alley! A lot of you know I was sick earlier in the week, so I haven't had a ton of time to play, but I have gotten this layout done:

And I have two more in the works that I'll share when I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your life is good today, too ;-)