Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still doing the card making thing

And totally loving it. Here's a couple I made using the SD4U July Kit:

The bird stamp is by Pink Paislee, and the flower is Autumn Leaves, I've colored them in with colored pencils, and then blended them with gamsol and a blending stump. Then, I outlined them with a super light grey brush pen from CTMH. I've been practicing this technique, and am really having a great time learning something new, and perfecting my technique!

Uh oh, I hope this cardmaking thing isn't gonna cut into my scrap or unpacking time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In all it's glory

I present to you the July Kit from Scrapbook Deals 4U! Get your's today before they're all gone, I promise you won't regret's totally bulging at the seams with summery, feminine goodness!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneaky Peeky

Of a layout I've made with the yummy yummy SD4U July Kit:

Wow, this kit is seriously jam-packed full of scrappy goodness!! Like bulging at the seams with bright, happy paper, tons of matching embellies, and lots of bling...check back after the weekend for the full reveal, or better yet, pop on over to the message board tomorrow and check it out for yourself! And while you're there, join in the awesome sketch challenge Cheryl is hosting!

And in between projects, things are slowly coming out of boxes and finding homes in the new pad...look at how cute my little nautical bathroom is looking:

And this desk in the living room where I'm rotating and displaying my favorite photos, old and new:

And the best news of all? Look what I found today:

It's gonna be a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where the heck are my dishes?

I'm so *over* the whole moving thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love the new pad. It's so nice to wake up and make coffee in a kitchen that has sun shining in through a window over the sink. It's worth all the tea in china to sit on my porch and not have to listen to the little bell of the street vendors peddling tamales and home made sno-cones. It makes me so happy to hear birds singing instead of spanish speaking mariachi band dudes early on Sunday mornings.

But moving sucks. The actual act of putting everything you own into boxes and then taking it all back out and cleaning it. THAT part. It SERIOUSLY Sucks. I keep expecting to wake up and find that Hector unpacked every single box and found a new homee for everything we own while I was asleep.

Is that too much to ask?

Aparantly it is. Sheesh.

So here it is, in all it's plain white glory. Aren't the high ceilings awesome? I'm gonna need some ideas on how to fill the walls here, I've never worked with a slanted ceiling before. Do you think the one picture I have will be enough, or might I need one more?
If you stand between the couch and the coffee table and look toward the dining room, this is what you see. Isn't that rug totally cute? I got it at Target and it's this totally great seafoam green and teal...but finding matching accents has proven to be quite the (excuse the expression) bitch.

So then looking right, there's the kitchen with the aforementioned sun-filled window and the most wonderful appliance ever...the DISHWASHER. I want to wash stuff in there all day long. did you know you can wash those plastic drawer units from Walmart in there? And bathroom knick-knacks, too!

As much as you were expecting the next picture to be of the bedroom or possibly the bathroom, I couldn't help sneaking in this picture of my so super-stinking adorable nephew, CJ and all his hair.

Looking back at the living room from the kitchen...there's a little patio outside with my mom's park bench under the window, and a phony ficus tree next to it that I got from my scrappy friends at my drunken bridal shower bash. It's actually a nice place to sit and sip coffee in the morning.

If you come to visit, this is where you'll powder your nose...and if you want to take a bath, you can do that too, but you'll have to bring your own shower curtain and not mind washing your hair with palmolive dish soap.

Here's a peek into my bedroom...I didn't go all the way in because Hector's been working nights and sleeping in pretty late. I don't think he'd be understanding of my amateur journalistic compulsions. You can see a peek of the other bathroom, too...and this shower has a glass door and Garnier Fructis.

Lastly, the scrap room. You think I'd be most excited about unpacking this room, and getting my new workspace all organized and streamlined...but actually, it's not really goin that way. I was off to a great start, and totally focused and intent on getting this room done first.

But OMG, seeing it like this is just got completely overwhelming and intimidating. I have some major purging to do, and it's gonna take some now that the basic essentials are out and I have the bare minimums available to put together my projects, the rest is just kinda...on the back burner.

So that's the new pad, what do ya think? Let me know if you have any unpacking advise or decorating ideas. I'm off to find those bowls and plates...I'm so *over* eating breakfast cereal out of a coffee cup.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Did you know?

1. That Pizza Hut is currently making chicken fetuccini alfredo and calling themselves "Pasta Hut" in t.v. commercials?

2. That my nephew is already 6 weeks old and has the cutest chubby cheeks anyone's ever seen?

3. It is a crime to ride a Merry-go-round on a Sunday in Idaho?

4. That this Noteworthy paper line from Making Memories makes a really cute background for displaying photos of naked babies?

5. You can watch VH1 all day on a Saturday and not see one repeated episode of Miss Rap Supreme? I guess the marathon thing really works for them?

6. That the elves in the story "The Elves and the Shoemaker" don't actually come to your house while you're asleep and finish the work you don't get done during the emptying boxes?

7. There's still time to sign up for SD4U's Summer Scrapfest Contest where you could win a guest DT Position?

8. The serving size for reduced fat Cheezits is 8 one-inch sized crackers?

9. That the latest paper from Dream Street was this cute, and that these Kaiser products match perfectly?

10. That it took me 28 minutes to write this rediculously short blog post?

Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How much FUN is this gonna be?

Announcing Summer Scrapfest!

Summertime means longer days, hot weather, and tourists galore. All great reasons to stay in and take advantage of the extra daylight and scrap away rather than chance a painful sunburn or fight traffic in the sweltering heat! At SD4U, we plan on scrappin all summer long, and hope you’ll join us! If you need a little more incentive than that, how about a big, fat, 6-week long contest? SD4U has 3 Guest Design Team positions to give away, and by playing along with our Summer Scrapfest, one of those Guest Design Team Members could be YOU.

The contest will be based on an accumulated points system, NOT an elimination process, and here’s how it will work:Each week you will be challenged by a different Design Team Member to complete assignments that will earn you a certain amount of points. A new layout challenge will be posted each Monday, and several mini-challenges for extra bonus points will be posted at random throughout the rest of the week. Each time you complete a challenge correctly in the amount of time specified, you will be awarded the number of points for that challenge. We will keep a thread with a running tally, so that you will always know where you stand, and who may be ahead of you and by how many points.

And…the best thing about this Contest and Scrapfest is…EVERYBODY WINS! Depending on the amount of points you’ve accumulated throughout the contest, you will receive at least a 10% of your entire purchase in the SD4U store! As you accumulate more points, you’ll also accumulate a bigger and bigger discount, possibly up to 30% by the end of the contest!Summer Scrapfest will begin on Monday, June 14th and we hope to have every registered member playing along!!

I don't know about you, but I will SO be playing along...what a great way to stay motivated and inspired all summer long!! Hop on over and join in the fun today, this contest starts soon!