Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How much FUN is this gonna be?

Announcing Summer Scrapfest!

Summertime means longer days, hot weather, and tourists galore. All great reasons to stay in and take advantage of the extra daylight and scrap away rather than chance a painful sunburn or fight traffic in the sweltering heat! At SD4U, we plan on scrappin all summer long, and hope you’ll join us! If you need a little more incentive than that, how about a big, fat, 6-week long contest? SD4U has 3 Guest Design Team positions to give away, and by playing along with our Summer Scrapfest, one of those Guest Design Team Members could be YOU.

The contest will be based on an accumulated points system, NOT an elimination process, and here’s how it will work:Each week you will be challenged by a different Design Team Member to complete assignments that will earn you a certain amount of points. A new layout challenge will be posted each Monday, and several mini-challenges for extra bonus points will be posted at random throughout the rest of the week. Each time you complete a challenge correctly in the amount of time specified, you will be awarded the number of points for that challenge. We will keep a thread with a running tally, so that you will always know where you stand, and who may be ahead of you and by how many points.

And…the best thing about this Contest and Scrapfest is…EVERYBODY WINS! Depending on the amount of points you’ve accumulated throughout the contest, you will receive at least a 10% of your entire purchase in the SD4U store! As you accumulate more points, you’ll also accumulate a bigger and bigger discount, possibly up to 30% by the end of the contest!Summer Scrapfest will begin on Monday, June 14th and we hope to have every registered member playing along!!

I don't know about you, but I will SO be playing along...what a great way to stay motivated and inspired all summer long!! Hop on over and join in the fun today, this contest starts soon!