Friday, April 11, 2008

Determined to get back on track!

I had such good intentions when I started my little blog all those months ago...I wasn't going to put any pressure or expectations on myself, and just enjoy posting when I felt like I wanted to. I did pretty good about posting consistently for a while! But recently, I got a bad case of the total blog blah's...and I was determined to figure out why.

I think it started when I left for Costa Rica. While I was gone, snapping gazillions of pictures and religiously writing in my travel journal, I started imagining sharing my photos and experiences on my blog. The longer I was gone, the more photos I took, and the more pages I wrote in my journal...I didn't want to forget a thing! Good for me, right? Well, you'd think so...but subconsciously I think I was like...*gulp*! The thought of sharing the stories and pictures became more of a chore than I first imagined. When I first came home, I put it all off for a few days to unwind, unpack, and collect everything in one place. After uploading some stuff once or twice, I felt like I wasn't even making a dent in the pictures. The chore turned into a nightmare, and the nightmare turned into total blog neglect. And the longer I neglected the blog, the harder it became to post anything at all. And I think because I never finished posting the photos from Costa Rica, I felt like I couldn't post about anything else until I had finished.

Um...Helloooo! Last I checked this was MY blog, and I get to make the rules and do whatever I want! And that includes not finishing something I started if that's how I feel. And I do. For now.

Whew! Now that I've lifted THAT ton of bricks off my shoulders...I feel sooo much better! Good enough to share a layout I made for no reason at all except these pictures have been begging to be scrapped for 3 months now:

When I was in high school, my best friend Jodi and I would talk about how we were still gonna be friends even when we were older and married, we'd live close to each other forever, and our kids would be best friends, too. Now, 25 years later, her daughter Justine really is my daughter's best friend, and it really is the coolest feeling ever!

So I think I'm off to a pretty good start as far as getting back on the blog train. At least, my intentions are good...



Love your page and that is so freaking cool that your daughters our best friends.