Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Class and a New, Ahead of the game "Me" (maybe).

Those of you that know me well are wondering what's up...aren't you? An upcoming class already posted with a sample in the store an ENTIRE month before it's scheduled date? I can hear you thinking to yourselves..."who ARE you and what have you done with our favorite (wishful thinking?) albiet scatterbrained and obsessively procrastinistic instructor."

Well, rest asured that those endearing personality traits will never completely leave me (I mean...I am who I am, right?) I am trying something new this year. It's called getting organized dispite the gazillion other personal things I have going on in the chaos I call my life. A challenge to say the least, but I figured I had to give it a shot if I hope to hold on to the sliver of sanity I have left these days. Plus, I really need to get serious this year if I want to expect to ever make a profit at this teaching thing...which I do. I mean, I really do.

So here's what's on the horizon:

It's a two page birthday layout plus a matching birthday card featuring the "Big Top Birthday" line from Creative Imaginations. I just love it's bright colors and whimsical patterns...and that Maya Road chipboard banner on the front of the card...isn't it just sooooooooooo cute?

Class will be at the Scrapbook Garden on Saturday, March 27th at 2:00. If you decide to join me, be sure to bring a black detail pen, foam tape, and a foam paint brush in addition to your regular tool kit. As always, we'll have snacks and prizes and spend the day making a mess with some cool chicks!

And if that news wasn't unbelievable enough, you may want to sit down for this next announcement.

I'm already knee deep in this box I got from MME: guessed it....I'm designing a mini for Mother's Day! Yes....Already!

Ok, that's probably more than your heart can take in one day. I understand if you need to go rest now. Hope to see you at the Garden!


cheryl mezzetti

These girls are soooo lucky to have a class taught by you!
talented young lady you are!


This is so cool!! Congrats on the mini making for MME!! And because I live in the upper midwest, and can't come to your class, you have to share the full LO when you can!! :) I just love your work and find it so inspiring!!