Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feelin the Holiday Spirit...

And because I had 3 sweet people leave me 3 sweet comments, I feel like sending you all a little goodie in the mail! Thanks Carla, Yvie and Tracy for showing my little blog some love, and if you email me your addresses at, I will return the favor. Gettin in the holiday spirit early this year!

Gonna start my Christmas Cards this weekend at a little get together at my friend Stayce's house...gonna gather up some girls, sip some brandy and egg nog, turn on the Christmas carols and crank 'em out! Gonna be a good time, seriously looking forward...

AND, if any one is interested in anything from Close to my Heart, I will be having a party this Saturday, and I will leave it open for catalog orders for a couple days after that. Send me an email and I'd be happy to order whatever you "need"!

I'll leave you with a cute little declaration I read on a message board today...I think I gotta print this out in a cute font and maybe decorate a title and hang it on my scraproom wall:

The Scrapbooker's Bill of Rights

A Scrapbooker is entrusted with documenting and safely preserving family photos in an album to be treasured by future generations. Creating a Scrapbook is an honorable and important task. As a Scrapbooker, you are entitled (but not limited) to the following rights:

1. You have the right to take as long as you want to complete one album page. This may be five minutes or two weeks.

2. You have the right to purchase a certain scrapbook item for other reason than because
a) you like it;
b) you think it's cute;
c) you'll never find it again, or;
d) you know you'll use it someday.

3. You have the right to a workspace of your own. This may be the basement, your college student's old bedroom, or the kitchen table.

4. You have the right to scrapbook when inspiration strikes--whether the dishes are done or not.

5. You have the right to request peaceful, kid-free, stress-less scrap time--guilt-free.

6. You have the right to create pages that reflect and celebrate the spirit of the one person who is usually NOT in the photograph: You.

7. You have the right to put whatever you want on your album page—whether or not it's the latest trend.

8. You have the right to do nothing more than snack and socialize at a 6-hour cropping party.

9. You have the right to value your personal scrapbooking style to be as important as your photographs. You are creating a treasure—and part of that treasure is you.

10. You have the right to create your own legacy, one page at a time.


Heredia Family/Yvie

Glad you are getting into the holiday spirt...I can't wait to see your cards and hear all the fun you had with Stayce.
Love the bill of rights...gonna post to my blog, hope you don't mind.

Thanks for the RAK!! I will email you my address.