Friday, December 21, 2007

It Just Keeps Getting Better...

So I'm driving over to Stayce's to drop off a project for Creative Imaginations when my phone rings. I dig frantically through my purse to find my phone where it's hiding under the kitchen sink, and narrowly avoid hitting a big 'ole truck that some idiot parked along the curb (the *nerve* of some people, sheesh!). Anywhoo, I look at the caller I.D. and notice it's a 505 number...I don't think I owe anyone money in the 505 area code, so I answered it.

It was a sweet girl named Tiffany to tell me I'd been invited to join to her Design Team that I applied for last week! Wow, that was way better than a wrong number! Though I still believe she may have meant to call Ali Edwards, she somehow got me...and now she's stuck with me! Anyone who knows me knows I am not above taking this position based solely on a technicality.

The site still hasn't made it's official announcement so far, so I am not including a link just yet. Any friends of mine would surely pop over there and immediately start running off their big mouths, so I'll just save the details for a little later, after the announcement has been made.

So for now, I'll just share this little layout I made with the pictures I took during "girl time" last week:

And now, I'm off to do some of that Christmas shopping I've been putting off till the last minute...wish me luck, I have a feeling it's gonna be like herding cattle about now.



Congrats, girl. Can't wait to see what you'll design. Sally

Lisa J.

Congrats to you! So exciting.


congratulations! how exciting!!

you have such a fun, energetic style in both your blogging and your pages that i am sure even if they didn't mean to call you, they will be more than happy that they did!!

Yay You!!!